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John L. Emory, the first Nicoma Park PD Police Chief & police vehicle. Nicoma Park Police Department is staffed by the Chief of Police, a supervisory Lieutenant, two supervisory Sergeants, 21 patrol officers and a part-time office clerk. The department works on a ten-hour, three-shift, overlapping rotation providing police services 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year. All officers are CLEET certified as well as being certified and trained in many other areas of law enforcement. Each officer is professional in their training, duty and job performance.  






As leaders of the community, we will perform our duties with the utmost fairness, compassion and respect for all citizens.  We will be loyal in service to our community and to the mission of the Police Department. We will protect and defend the constitutional rights of all citizens with dignity, honor, and compassion. We will have the courage to do what is right and to stand against what is wrong, while always applying common sense to the critical decisions we must make. We will rise to any challenge and live the words we have chosen; Integrity Professionalism Service.


It is the mission of the Nicoma Park Police Department to provide for the safety and security of its citizens and businesses through the following core values:


Integrity: the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.


Professionalism: the skill, good judgment, and polite behavior that is expected from a person who is trained to do a job well.


Service: the action of helping the public in response to need or demand.




Chief of Police, Rob Groseclose was appointed Nicoma Park Chief of Police in November of 2012. Chief Groseclose’s police career began in 1994 with the Town of Forest Park. In 1995 Chief Groseclose became an officer with the Spencer Police Department and advanced through the ranks, serving such roles as an Instructor, Investigator, Corporal, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. Groseclose served 2 years on an FBI task force earning a commendation from then Director Louis Freeh. In January 2009 Groseclose accepted the position of Chief Deputy with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. 

Chief Groseclose is a graduate of Oklahoma State University and holds a Bachelor of Technology in Emergency Responders Administration along with an AAS in Police Science. Groseclose is a CLEET certified Firearms Instructor and served several years as president of the Oklahoma Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors. His resume boasts well over 1800 hours of continuing education along with holding a CLEET Advanced Peace Officer Certification.

During 2011 while at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, Groseclose was recognized by the ASAC of the Oklahoma City FBI office as “One of the young, up and coming leaders in Oklahoma Law Enforcement” and was given the opportunity to attend the first and only FBI Command College ever held in the State of Oklahoma. 

Chief Groseclose works hard to build and maintain professional relationships with surrounding law enforcement agencies. This type of networking proves invaluable in times where specialized assistance is necessary to further investigations and aid in successful prosecutions of difficult cases. This type of collaborative law enforcement is critical in this modern age of technology driven criminal activity.

Chief Groseclose has brought change and a new perspective to the Nicoma Park Police Department. In his first year the computer systems were updated; a new records management program, “Offender Data Information System” was implemented; the entire fleet of patrol units was painted and fitted with matching identification graphics; a new Chevy Tahoe Police Vehicle was purchased; the Police Department is receiving needed updates and remodeling; new uniform patches are already in use; and the new badges, expected early 2014, will honor Nicoma Park history as a Town Marshal’s office. A completely new policy and procedure manual will be implemented in 2014. Chief Groseclose has had success in the past as a grant writer and will continue to pursue outside funding for our agency. 

Chief Groseclose is committed to Community Oriented Policing and to building and maintaining relationships with surrounding communities that will help our city succeed. These relationships help to forge a partnership between the police and the community whereby the police and the community share responsibility for identifying, reducing, eliminating and preventing problems that impact the community. By working together, the police and the community can reduce criminal activity and improve safety and the quality of life in Nicoma Park. “The job we are trusted with is an honor and a privilege; we will serve our citizens with integrity and professionalism.”