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I Want To Report Suspicious Or Criminal Activity Taking Place.

If a crime is in progress, DO NOT call our non-emergency line. Dial 911 and follow the instructions of the dispatcher.

If you have observed suspicious activity taking place at a residence, business or in a neighborhood you may report it, anonymously if you choose, to the police department by calling our crime tip-line at: 7571-TIP.  If calling long distance call: 405-757-1847. You may also complete the form below without leaving personal information.

Bear in mind, however, that legal action cannot be taken (for a misdemeanor) from anonymous reports unless an officer witnesses a crime taking place in their presence while investigating the report.   Therefore, it is highly recommended that you provide your contact information when making a report.   All personal information is kept confidential. 

When making a report, anonymously or otherwise, please provide as many details as   possible, such as: 

  • Location of activity
  • Dates and times of activity
  • Nature of activity
  • Names and descriptions (if possible) of those involved
  • Vehicle descriptions and license plate numbers (if possible)
  • Any other relevant information you can think of 

The more detailed the information you provide us with, the more thorough our investigation will be.

You may also use the Oklahoma Crime Stoppers, Inc. website to anonymously report crimes.

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